Annual Reports

The Match provides unparalleled medical matching services in the United States. It’s 100% objective, 100% accurate, and 100% committed to a fair and transparent process. With its internationally recognized algorithm, comprehensive data reports, and advanced technology, The Match is helping applicants achieve their dreams.

2016 Annual Report

The report highlights the creation of new data reports, online resources, and scholarly research, improved outreach to constituents, and the development of new partnerships abroad. NRMP is committed to being the best matching program and to providing exceptional value to the graduate medical education community. Read the report

2015 Annual Report

The report highlights the NRMP’s success in 2015 in engaging, supporting, informing, and prioritizing constituents. From its inaugural, highly successful stakeholder conference and launch of new Main Residency Match toolkits, to placing record numbers of applicants in residency and fellowship positions, the NRMP found new and effective ways to advance its vision of serving as a trusted resource and provider of matching services for undergraduate and graduate medical education communities. Read the report

2010-2014 NRMP Progress Report

The report is a 5-year retrospective of the organization’s growth and achievements, highlighting the NRMP’s strategic priorities and organization values and detailing the efforts undertaken to build a stronger Matching Program. New resources, redesigned technology, and comprehensive communications initiatives have provided greater value for constituents. Read the report | View timeline infographic