2017 Main Residency Match Opening! Updated Toolkits, New Policy, and New Report in R3 for Fellowships

September 1, 2016 The 2017 Main Residency Match opens this month, and the NRMP extends a warm welcome to new residency programs and medical schools joining the Match! This issue highlights updated Main Residency Match resources, the new policy about communication between programs and applicants, and a new report in the R3 system for Fellowship Matches. This […]

Main Residency Match Calendars and Toolkits Updated

August 29, 2016 The 2017 Main Residency Match opens at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, September 15, and the online toolkits have been updated. New and improved features include: Detailed Match calendars by participant type Enhanced couples page Web tutorials on NRMP policy Updated Match checklists Osteopathic program orientation kit Match Overview PowerPoint for […]

August Illuminator: Fees, Registration Tips, Conference Keynote

August 1, 2016 This issue features exciting news about the keynote speaker for NRMP’s stakeholder conference, a reminder about changes to Match fees, and timely tips for registration. The Illuminator is a resource for program, institution, and school Match participants. Read the August Illuminator

July Illuminator Available Online

July 5, 2016 This issue of The Match Illuminator features information about the NRMP’s 2017 stakeholder conference, a new All In Policy resource page for Fellowship Matches, and the NRMP’s presentation at the AAMC Group on Student Affairs meeting in St. Louis. It also presents the new members of the NRMP Board of Directors and […]

Read the June Illuminator

June 3, 2016 This issue of The Match Illuminator provides a first look at the NRMP’s 2017 stakeholder conference. It also highlights recent Match policy changes approved by the NRMP Board of Directors and the launch of the NRMP Fellowship Program Director Survey. You also can download Match reports, share graduation and start of training […]

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Policy Changes Implemented by NRMP Board of Directors

May 20, 2016 Print version At its May 2016 Annual Meeting, the NRMP Board of Directors addressed a variety of issues related to the Main Residency Match and the Specialties Matching Service: Couples’ Rank Order Lists When participating in the Match as a couple, partners create pairs of programs on their primary rank order lists […]

Changing and Re-Certifying a Rank Order List

May 20, 2016 Changes can be made to a certified list, but lists must be re-certified prior to the applicable Rank Order List Deadline. Please note the web-based R3 system does not retain previous versions of a program’s ROL, and the NRMP does not add, delete, or in any way modify a ROL either before […]

Resource Highlight: Reversions

May 20, 2016 The NRMP’s R3 system offers institutions the option to revert, or donate, unfilled positions in one program to another during the matching process. If a donor program does not fill its quota, a designated number equal to or less than the quota can be added automatically to the quota of a receiver […]

Read the May Issue of the Illuminator

May 10, 2016 This issue of The Match Illuminator features the Results and Data Book for the 2016 Main Residency Match and highlights ranking and reversion resources for fellowship programs. Two Rank Order List Deadlines for seven Fellowship Matches occur this month, so be sure to review the Upcoming Dates section to the left. The […]

2016 Length of Rank Order Lists Report Released

May 6, 2016 Learn what the average length of rank order lists (ROLs) was for matched and unmatched applicants and for filled and unfilled programs in the Main Residency Match from 2002 through 2016. The data show that matched applicants and filled programs consistently have longer ROLs than unmatched applicants and unfilled programs. Impact of Length […]