Applicants: How to Register for a Match

All NRMP® Matches are managed through the NRMP’s Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system. Applicants should register first with ERAS and can use their AAMC ID while registering for a NRMP® Match. Please note the following:

  •  Applicant registration from previous Matches does not carry over to a new Match; applicants must register as a new user for EACH Match.
  • An NRMP ID is NOT required to submit ERAS applications for the Main Residency Match.  After you register for the Match, log in to ERAS and update your profile with your NRMP ID so that program directors can identify you for placement on the program’s rank order lists.

The Registration Process

How to Register Video TutorialRegistration for an NRMP® Match requires logging in to the R3® system and completing the eleven-step registration process. The R3® system can be accessed directly at or by clicking the orange “Register/Login for a Match” button in the right menu bar on every page of The purpose of the registration steps is described below:

  • Select a Match: Identify in the R3® system the Match for which you want to register.
  • Participant Type: Indicate the type of medical school attended and citizenship status. Applicants in the Main Residency Match® also enter their expected date of graduation from medical school.
  • Professional Profile: Provide basic profile information, including name, date of birth, and AAMC ID. Applicants also are prompted to provide information such as USMLE® ID, ECFMG ID, or NBOME® ID depending on their educational background. The Professional Profile section focuses on the applicant’s USMLE scores and work and volunteer experiences. Note: Profile information can be updated at any time during the Match process. Email addresses and phone numbers must remain current in the R3® system to ensure receipt of important reminders, notices, and Match results from the NRMP®.
  • Login Credentials: Create a username and password to access the R3® system.
  • Match Participation Agreement: Read and electronically sign the legally binding agreement. The registration process cannot be completed until the Agreement has been signed.
  • Payment: Pay the registration fee and the fee to participate as a couple, if appropriate, by credit card. The couple fee also can be paid at a later date.

Registration Fee Includes:

  • For the Main Residency Match®, processing of up to 20 different programs on the primary rank order list and up to 20 different programs on all supplemental rank order lists combined. A fee is assessed for each additional program over 20.
  • For the Specialties Matching Service®, processing of an unlimited number of ranks.
  • Access to the List of Unfilled Programs (for qualifying applicants).
  • Access to post-Match reports and data.

View a complete list of current fees

Applicant Verification

Applicants should be sure they meet all eligibility requirements in time to be verified for participation in the Match.

Participating as a Couple

Applicants may participate in an NRMP® Match as a couple if they are registered for the same Match and pay the couples fee. Participate as a couple

Registration Tips

  • Keep your username and password information in a secure place to prevent a security breach.
  • Registration for a Match establishes a contractual agreement with the NRMP® and all the programs included on your rank order list.
  • Use the same name when registering for an NRMP® Match that you use in AAMC’s ERAS and/or with the ECFMG so program directors can correctly identify you for their rank order lists.

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  • Reminder! Register for the Main Residency Match® prior to November 30 to avoid the late registration fee. Also, remember there is an extra per partner fee for couples in both the Main Residency Match and the Specialties Matching Service®.