Registering for a Match
All NRMP Matches are managed through the NRMP’s Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system.


Registration for an NRMP Match requires logging in to the R3 system and completing the eleven-step registration process. The purpose of those steps briefly is described below:

  • Select a Match: Identify in the R3 system the Match for which you want to register.
  • Participant Type: Indicate the type of medical school attended and citizenship status. Applicants in the Main Residency Match® also enter their expected date of graduation from medical school.
  • Demographic Form: Provide basic profile information. Some applicants also are prompted to provide information such as USMLE® ID or NBOME® ID.
  • Note. Profile information can be updated at any time during the Match process. Email addresses and phone numbers must remain current in the R3 system to ensure receipt of important reminders, notices, and Match results from the NRMP.
  • Login Credentials: Create a username and password to access the R3 system.
  • Match Participation Agreement: Read and electronically sign the legally binding agreement. The registration process is not complete until the Agreement has been signed.
  • Payment: Pay the registration fee and the fee to participate as a couple, if appropriate, by credit card.

Registration includes the following NRMP services:

  • For the Main Residency Match, processing of up to 20 different program ranks on the primary rank order list and up to 20 different program ranks on all supplemental rank order lists combined
  • For the Specialties Matching Service, processing of an unlimited number of ranks
  • Access to the List of Unfilled Programs (for qualifying applicants)
  • Access to post-Match reports and data

Applicant Verification

For the Main Residency Match, the NRMP works with NRMP school officials to verify the credentials of students/graduates and Fifth Pathway enrollees/graduates of LCME-accredited medical schools, students/graduates of Canadian medical schools, and students/graduates of osteopathic medical schools.

Students/graduates of international medical schools (IMGs) must submit either:

  • A notarized copy of a full and unrestricted license to practice medicine in a U.S. jurisdiction; or
  • An Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG®) candidate number. The NRMP verifies with the ECFMG that applicants have completed the examination requirements for certification.
  • For additional information on verification of credentials For Match eligibility, visit the ECFMG website.

All verifications must be completed by the Rank Order List Deadline in order to participate in the Main Residency Match. An additional exchange between the NRMP and the medical schools and the NRMP and the ECFMG occurs after the Rank Order List Deadline to verify applicants’ credentials for participation in the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®).


Applicants may participate in a NRMP Match as a couple if they are registered for the same Match. For information about couples, click here.


Applicants pay a nominal fee for Match registration. For information about fees, click here.

Registration Tips

  • Keep username and password information in a secure place to prevent a security breach.
  • Registration for a Match establishes a contractual agreement with the NRMP and all the programs included on your rank order lists.
  • Use the same name when registering for an NRMP Match that you use in ERAS and/or with the ECFMG so program directors can correctly identify you for their rank order lists.


NoteInstitutions wishing to register with the NRMP for the first time must call the NRMP toll free at 1-866-653-NRMP (6767) or (202)-400-2233. The NRMP will assign an institution code and register the institution in the R3 system.

At the beginning of a Match, NRMP institutional officials must initiate the matching process for their institutions by logging in to the R3 system and completing the following tasks:

  • Redeem the email token sent by NRMP and create a username and personal password
  • Electronically sign the Match Participation Agreement
  • Activate programs for Match participation
  • Add new programs and deactivate non-participating programs
  • Notify program directors that their programs have been activated and require them to immediately log in and complete the Match registration process, including updating program quotas, reversions, and public contact information

Institutional officials who also are program directors, as well as program directors with multiple programs or program tracks, must select which role they wish to access when logging in to the R3 system.


  • Reminder! Register for the Main Residency Match® prior to November 30 to avoid the late registration fee. Also, remember there is an extra per partner fee for couples in both the Main Residency Match and the Specialties Matching Service®.