Tips and Reminders



  • Rank programs in order of your TRUE PREFERENCE, not where you think you will match.
  • Rank only those programs where you would be happy to train.  Remember, the Match commitment is binding.
  • Be realistic about your competiveness and the competiveness of your preferred specialty (click here for Charting Outcomes in the Match).  Consider creating a ROL that includes a mix of competitive and less competitive specialties and programs.
  • Remember that a supplemental rank order list will be used in the Main Residency Match® only if you first match to an advanced program on your primary rank order list.  The algorithm will not attempt to match you to a preliminary position on a supplemental ROL if an advanced match on the primary ROL is not obtained.
  • Make sure your ROL is long enough.  Go for your “reach” program but also include at least one “safety” program.


  • Do not wait until the last minute to enter your rank order list in the R3® system.  The servers may be overloaded and working very slowly.
  • Do not make last minute changes to your rank order list.  Most such changes are not well thought out and applicants frequently regret the changes.
  • Do not forget that if a certified ROL is changed in any way, the new version must be certified in order to be used for the Match.  The R3 system does NOT save prior versions of ROLs!
  • Do not forget that changes CANNOT be made after 9:00 p.m. EASTERN time on the rank order list deadline and that only certified lists will be used in a Match.
  • Do not forget that the NRMP will NOT enter a list, add, delete or move programs or in any way modify a rank order list.


  • Rank all applicants who are acceptable to your program to avoid having unfilled positions.
  • The Match commitment is binding, so rank only those applicants you deem acceptable to train.
  • Collect applicants’ NRMP IDs during interviews to assist you when creating a ROL.
  • During interviews, remind applicants to register with the NRMP so you can rank them.
  • When searching in the R3 system for an applicant’s NRMP or AAMC ID number, be aware that applicants often have similar or identical names.  Consider using additional identifying information in your search.
  • IF you are creating an extensive ROL, consider creating an electronic file containing applicants’ rank numbers and NRMP or AAMC® ID so you can import the ROL into the R3 system. 


Can I make changes to my rank order list (ROL) after I certify it?
Yes, your rank order list can be modified or re-ordered any number of times until 9:00 p.m. eastern time on the Rank Order List Deadline, but no additions, deletions, or changes can be made to your rank order list after the deadline.  If you change your certified ROL by adding, moving, or deleting a program, you must recertify it for it to be used in a Match.  The R3® system does not save previous versions of your rank order list.
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