What Programs Need to Know for a Successful Match

The following are tips and reminders for programs that might be helpful for interview season.

  • handshake doc 500pxVerify applicant eligibility for appointment before offering interviews. NRMP policy prohibits programs from offering interviews to applicants who are ineligible because of concurrent year appointments or active sanctions as a result of a denied waiver or confirmed violation. Use the Applicant Match History feature in the R3 system to verify the appointment eligibility of applicants before offering them interviews. Current medical students do NOT need to be screened since they have no prior Match history.
  • Confirm program quota (number of positions to be filled in the Match). The All In Policy requires programs participating in the Main Residency Match to register and attempt to fill all positions through the Match or another national matching plan, so remember to verify the program quota before January 31. The All In Policy does not require programs to include all positions for which they are accredited, only those they wish to fill for a specific training year. Questions? Send an email to admin@nullnrmp.org.
  • Share program information with interviewees. The Match Participation Agreement requires programs to provide complete, timely, and accurate information to applicants, including a copy of the contract applicants would be expected to sign and all institutional policies regarding eligibility for appointment. Information must be provided prior to the Rank Order List Deadline, and receipt of written confirmation from applicants that policies have been provided is advised. View a complete list of what you should tell interviewees.

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