NRMP Board of Directors Approves Policy Changes for the 2017-2018 Match Season

September 11, 2017

At its May 2017 annual meeting, the NRMP Board of Directors considered proposed changes to the Match Participation Agreements and Waiver and Violations Policies that govern the Matching Program. The following policies became effective for all Matches opening after June 30, 2017:

Match Participation Agreement for Schools

Section 6.7 – Completeness, Timeliness, and Accuracy of Information
Medical school officials must at all times provide complete, timely, and accurate information about their students and graduates, including information contained in the Medical School Performance Evaluation.

Section 6.8.1 – Applicant Rank Order Lists
Medical school officials are prohibited during the interview and matching process from requiring applicants to reveal rank order list preferences. Applicants have the right to keep their ranking preferences confidential at all times.

Section 6.8.2 – Safeguarding School Match Information
Medical schools may email Match results to applicants after the results have been posted in the Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Friday of Match Week.

Match Participation Agreement for Applicants and Programs

Section 5.1 – Match Commitment
Program directors must train matched applicants for a minimum of 45 days from the start date of training unless a waiver has been obtained from the NRMP.

Section 8.2.1 – Consequences of Confirmed Violations: Applicants
A program involved in an applicant violation investigation must begin training that applicant on the date specified in the appointment contract even if the investigation is pending. Only an NRMP-approved waiver or deferral of the match commitment can release the binding commitment.

Violations Policy

Section A – Reporting Procedures
Persons reporting an alleged violation may request that his/her identity remain confidential. Alleged violations also can be reported anonymously; however, anonymity may impede the NRMP’s ability to investigate the matter.

Section G – Investigation Complete
An investigation will be deemed complete when the Review Panel Report has been issued and the time frame for seeking arbitration has expired or, in the event arbitration has been pursued, the arbitrator has issued an award and the NRMP Final Report has been distributed consistent with the award.