Be Prepared for Match Registration

September 12, 2017

To participate in a Match, applicants must use the NRMP’s secure Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3®) system to register and create a Username and Password. The R3 system can be accessed directly or by clicking the orange “LOGIN/REGISTER” button at the top of the screen. Applicants who participated in a previous Match must re-register in the R3 system for each Match, but are able to choose the same username and password as part of the registration process.

Applicants should first register with and complete an Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) application if that is how the program is accepting applications. An NRMP ID IS NOT required to submit ERAS applications; however, Match applicants MUST have an AAMC ID to register with NRMP for the Main Residency Match. After registering with NRMP, applicants should log back in to ERAS and update their profile with their NRMP ID to make it easier for program directors to identify them for placement on the program’s rank order lists.

The following additional identification numbers are REQUIRED for registration:

  • USMLE ID for U.S. allopathic students/graduates.
  • ECFMG ID for international medical school students/graduates (IMGS). USMLE ID is not required for IMGs, but it can be entered. It is the same as the ECFMG ID.
  • AOA ID and NBOME ID for U.S. osteopathic students/graduates.

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