SOAP® for Programs and Institutions

Program Directors:

  • Can accept applications only through ERAS and can offer positions only through SOAP® until SOAP® concludes at 11:00 a.m. ET on Thursday of Match Week.
  • Cannot contact applicants directly or through personal contacts until after an ERAS application has been received.
  • Cannot ask applicants to commit to an offer prior to the offer being extended through SOAP®.
  • Must refrain from engaging in communication about unmatched applicants until you receive their applications, and do not ask an applicant to commit to accepting your SOAP® offer.
  • Cannot “create” positions for unmatched applicants until SOAP® concludes. Positions can be created only for partially-matched applicants.
  • Can opt out of SOAP®, but cannot fill positions until SOAP® concludes!

What Programs Should Do

  • SOAP for Programs Video TutorialsPrepare for SOAP® and other Match Week activities by reviewing the Match Week schedule and ERAS’ Leveraging Your SOAP Experience document.  Also, review SOAP® tutorials and FAQs to ensure you fully understand SOAP® policy and functionality in the R3® system.
  • Thoughtfully consider applications you receive. Offers extended constitute a binding commitment should the offer be accepted.
  • Make sure your preference list is adequate in length based on the number of unfilled positions.
  • Log in to the R3® system after SOAP® concludes to manage any remaining unfilled positions. A dynamic version of the List of Unfilled Programs, including programs that did not participate in SOAP®, is posted to the R3® system at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday for ALL unmatched applicants to view. Program directors who do not wish to receive applications should log in to the R3® system and reduce their unfilled quota to zero.

Program Resources

Institution Resources