U.S. Seniors
U.S. seniors are sponsored by their medical schools in the Main Residency Match®. Information about the results of The Match is sent to the U.S. senior's school of medicine.


To participate in the Match, a U.S. senior must meet the following requirements:

  • attend a U.S. medical school accredited by the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), and
  • be on schedule to graduate and enter residency training on July 1 in the year of the Match.

Verification of credentials

The NRMP requires medical schools to verify the expected graduation date of every U.S. senior registered for the Match be verified by the NRMP school official. U.S. seniors whose graduation credentials are not verified by their schools will be withdrawn automatically by the NRMP.

Main Residency Match Events

Following are important dates and deadlines in the Main Residency Match®:

Sep 15

Registration opens at 12:00 PM ET

Nov 30

Applicant Early Registration Deadline at 11:59 PM ET. Applicants registering after November 30 will be charged a late fee.

Jan 15

Rank order list entry begins at 12:00 PM ET for all users

Jan 31

Quota Change, Withdrawal, and SOAP Participation Verification Deadlines for programs at 11:59 PM ET

Feb 24

Rank order lists must be certified by 9:00 PM ET.

Applicants must register for or withdraw from the Main Residency Match by 9:00 PM ET.

Mar 14

Match Week begins at 11:00 AM ET (detailed Match Week schedule from last year here)

Mar 17

Program directors receive their Confidential Roster of Matched Applicants at 2:00 PM ET.

SOAP concludes at 5:00 PM ET.

Mar 18

Match Day! Match results released in R3® system at 1:00 PM ET



  • Register for both NRMP® and ERAS®. These are separate services offered by two different organizations, and each requires its own registration.
  • Use the same name when registering for an NRMP Match that you use in ERAS so program directors can correctly identify you for their rank order lists. Keep your email address and phone number current in the R3 system to ensure receipt of important reminders, notices, and Match results from the NRMP.
  • Work with your medical school official if you must withdraw from the Main Residency Match. U.S. seniors must be withdrawn if they are ineligible to enter graduate medical education on July 1 in the year of the Main Residency Match or if they have accepted a position through another national matching plan. U.S. seniors cannot withdraw themselves from an NRMP Match.


What information should I expect to receive from a program when I interview?
Programs are required to provide complete, timely, and accurate information to interviewees, including a copy of the contract the applicant will be expected to sign if matched to the program and the institution's policies regarding eligibility for appointment. If not provided in writing, programs should direct interviewees to information on their website. Information must be communicated prior to the Rank Order List Deadline.
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