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The Match PRISM℠, or Program Rating and Interview Scheduling Manager, is a free downloadable tool from the National Resident Matching Program that enables Main Residency Match ® and Specialties Matching Service® fellowship applicants to track programs during the interview process and create program ratings that can be used to generate a rank order list in the NRMP’s web-based Registration, Ranking, and Results ® (R3®) system.

Users of The Match PRISM APP are able to:

• identify and select from a directory of programs where they interview

• add interview dates to their personal smartphone calendar

• rate programs on a wide range of factors including quality of curriculum and training, program reputation, patient diversity, geographic location, and quality of residents

• enter “notes” about each program

• calculate a composite score for each program of interest

• develop a program summary to assist in developing a rank order List

• access official NRMP Match Events to review