What happens between Rank Order List Deadline and Match Day?

Between the Rank Order List Certification Deadline and Match Day, the NRMP conducts a rigorous review of Match data, including:

  • Assessing and confirming the integrity of the data
  • Conducting a final verification of applicants’ credentials
  • Withdrawing applicants who are ineligible for the Match
  • Transferring the data from the R3® system to the matching algorithm module, rechecking the data, processing the algorithm, and transferring data back into the R3 system
  • Verifying the results of a Match and transferring the data into the NRMP databases
  • Verifying applicants’ credentials for SOAP® participation in the Main Residency Match®
  • Preparing 50,000 individual Match Week reports for Main Residency Match applicants, program directors, and medical schools

These steps, all completed in a few weeks, ensure the accuracy of Match results.