The iMatchSM system is the web-based software application through which all NRMP Matches are managed.

With the iMatch system, NRMP provides a “one-stop-shop” experience to ensure the matching process is simple and straightforward. In iMatch, participants register for a Match, submit confidential rank lists, and obtain Match results.

The iMatch system offers important value to Match participants as they determine their true preferences (ranking choices without concern for bias in the selection process):

The iMatch System is Confidential and Secure

  • Users must create a unique username and password to access the iMatch system.
  • Multi-factor authentication (MFA) options further increase security. Customers can also utilize personal identity verification (PIV) cards as part of the login process.
  • Only individuals participating in a Match can access iMatch with their unique credentials.
  • Ranking information submitted by Match participants is visible only to those administrators with explicit permission at NRMP or the agency, bureau, or organization connected with the Match.
  • Web-based technology affords safe and secure electronic transmission of ranking information.

The iMatch System is Flexible

  • Match participants log in to the iMatch system to register for a Match and enter/update personal information;
  • Organizations can modify information as needed, including the number of positions to be offered in a Match;
  • Match participants can create customized searches of individuals or organizations to place on rank lists;
  • Match participants can submit certified copies of rank lists when they are ready;
  • Participants and Match sponsors can access Match results and statistics at the conclusion of a Match.