Match Code of Conduct for Applicants

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The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) ensures high professional standards in the conduct of its Matching Program and expects all Match participants to conduct their affairs in an ethical and professionally responsible manner.  To that end, this Code of Conduct should serve as a guide for residency and fellowship applicants participating in a Match. 


To promote the highest ethical and professional standards, applicants participating in a Match must:

  • Maintain ethical behavior during recruitment
    Applicants must express professional behavior and communication throughout recruitment, whether conducted in-person or virtually, and do their part to ensure that interactions with recruitment team members are in an atmosphere that is respectful and free of harmful bias. Applicants should be assured that if a program wants to record an interview, the program must make that information available to applicants before extending interviews, must allow applicants to opt out of recording, and must obtain written consent from applicants. Likewise, applicants who wish to record an interview must disclose that preference to programs, who have the right to opt out of recording.

  • Fully disclose information pertinent to programs
    Applicants must respect the importance of honest and transparent communication. Applicants must ensure programs have complete, timely, and accurate information at all times throughout the selection and matching process, whether in writing as part of the application, through written or verbal exchanges as part of the interview or during ranking, or at any time during the onboarding after Match results are released. It is the applicant’s reponsibility to inform programs at any time there are changes in the applicant’s personal, education, or professional experiences that could affect their ability to begin training.

  • Respect a program’s right to privacy and confidentiality
    Applicants may freely express their interest in a program, but they must not request a program director or any member of the recruitment team to disclose program ranking preferences or intentions.

  • Limit post-interview communication
    During recruitment season, applicants may not have adequate time to obtain the information needed to make informed decisions about ranking programs and may wish to clarify information following interviews.  Applicants may request and exchange clarifying information with programs following the interview but must not solicit or engage in post-interview communication for the purposes of influencing or ascertaining a program’s ranking intentions.

  • Rank and match with integrity
    Applicants should create rank order lists based on their true preferences, the characteristics of the programs interviewed, and the perceived alignment of the applicant’s capabilities and interests with program mission, aims, and eligibility.  Applicants must respect the binding nature of a match commitment and be prepared to honor the commitment if a match occurs with any program placed on a rank order list.

Ethical and professional communication between applicants, program directors and staff, and medical school officials, faculty and staff is essential to maintaining a fair and equitable process throughout the transition to residency.  Match participants that fail to comply with their respective Code of Conduct or the terms of the applicable Match Participation Agreement may be subjected to a violation investigation as described in the Policies and Procedures for Reporting, Investigation, and Disposition of Violations of NRMP Agreements.