Program Codes and Types

Program Code

Every program participating in an NRMP Match has a unique 9-11 character code constructed in the following manner:

  • Characters 1-4: the institution code
  • Characters 5-7: the ACGME specialty code
  • Character 8: program type letter
  • Characters 9-11: track number (track number will be “0” unless an institution has more than one program in a specialty of the same program type.  Additional track designations are automatically numbered sequentially)

                Example: 1000140C0

 1000 National Medical Center
140 Internal Medicine
 C Categorical program type
 0 Main track


Program Type



Main Residency Match®
View Program Types in the Main Residency Match video
Categorical C training that is 3-5 years in length and begins in the PGY-1 year
Primary Care Categorical M offered by some Medicine and Pediatrics programs
Preliminary P training that is one year in length in transitional or specialty programs and begins in the PGY-1 year
Advanced A training that is 3-4 years in length in specialty programs that begin subsequent to one or more years of preliminary training
Physician R training in specialty programs reserved for physicians with prior graduate medical education and who can enter advanced training in the year of The Match
Specialties Matching Service®
Fellowship F training that begins subsequent to completion of a core residency training program
Fellowship Subspecialty S training that begins subsequent to completion of a fellowship program