Applicants: Ranking Tips for Success

  • ROL Tip quote boxThe matching algorithm attempts to place you in the most preferred program possible, so be sure to rank programs in order of YOUR TRUE PREFERENCE and not where you think you will match. Go for your “reach” program.
  • Rank only those programs where you are able and would be happy to train. Putting a program on your ROL creates a binding commitment if a match occurs, so review carefully each program’s eligibility requirements and the contract you will be expected to sign.  You should receive that information from programs during the application/interview process.
  • Do not rank programs where you did not interview. Programs do not rank candidates they have not interviewed, and no match will occur.
  • Be realistic about your competiveness and the competiveness of your preferred specialty (review Charting Outcomes in the Match). Consider creating a ROL that includes a mix of competitive and less competitive specialties and programs, and be sure to include at least one “safety” program.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to enter your ROL in the R3® system. The servers may be overloaded and working slowly.
  • Do not make last minute changes to your ROL. Most such changes are not well thought out, and applicants frequently regret them.