Registration open for the 2023 Match Week and SOAP Listserv

The NRMP and AAMC/ERAS are pleased to announce the Match Week and SOAP® Listserv for the 2023 Main Residency Match.  To ensure the discussion group operates smoothly:

  • The list will be “opt in”.  Interested parties must register for and confirm their participation in the group in order to follow the discussion and post questions.  Details on registration are below.
  • The list will be moderated so that the same question is not posted numerous times, potentially clogging email inboxes and limiting an individual’s ability to post a response in a timely manner.
  • Please do not call NRMP and ERAS administrative staff with questions.  Direct your questions to the listserv or to each organization’s Help Desk.

How to Join:

To register for the discussion group, complete the following steps:

  1. Access the LISTSERV web interface site and enter your full name and email address.
  2. Click the “Subscribe (SOAP)” link and check for an email containing a confirmation link.
  3. Upon receipt of the email, click the embedded confirmation link.  A prompt will be sent to the NRMP to finalize your membership in the discussion group, and you should receive an email once finalization is complete.  If you do not complete this step within 48 hours, you must start the registration process again.

Note. If you do not receive the email with the embedded confirmation link, be sure to check your Junk or SPAM filter. Certain web service providers or email servers may identify LISTSERV emails as unwanted.

Important List Instructions:

For those who join the listserv and wish to contribute to the discussion, please note the following:

  • Send all posts to SOAP@LIST.NRMP.ORG.
  • Click “Reply” if you want your message to be received only by the individual to whose post you are responding.
  • Click “Reply All” if you want your message to be received by the entire listserv membership.
  • To unsubscribe, send a blank email to SOAP-signoff-request@LIST.NRMP.ORG.

Please register before the listserv becomes active on Monday, March 13, at 9:00 a.m. ET.  Remember that its purpose is to facilitate communication during SOAP and thus is designed for residency program directors and coordinators, institutional officials, and medical school staff.  NRMP and ERAS staff will continually monitor the listserv, so it should be considered the official source for all Match Week- and SOAP-related information. You are free to forward this email to others at your school and institution who may wish to participate; however, the listserv is not intended for applicants.

If you have questions, please contact the NRMP at We hope you will join so we can better serve and communicate with you!