Before rank order lists can be submitted and a training position secured, applicants must take a few steps to prepare for their Match. 

Determine Your Eligibility to Participate

Whether you are a U.S. Senior or and International Medical School Graduate, there are specific criteria that determine your eligibility to participate in the Match.

Participating in the Match as a Couple?

Learn about the special considerations for applicants looking to partner to secure residency training.

Registering for the Match

Registering for a Match is a separate and distinct process from applying to training programs. Applicants apply to training programs either through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®), a service of the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), or whatever application the program is accepting. Applicants must also register separately for a Match with the NRMP.

After applications are submitted and interviews are underway, applicants come to the NRMP to register for a Match. For applicants who use ERAS, an NRMP ID is not required to submit applications; however, applicants must have an AAMC ID to register for a Match. After registering with NRMP, applicants using ERAS are encouraged to log back in to ERAS and update their profile with their NRMP ID to make it easier for program directors to identify them for placement on the program’s rank order lists.

*NOTE: Applicants who participated in a previous Match must re-register in the R3 system for each Match, but are able to choose the same username and password as part of the registration process. Applicants cannot register and participate in more than one Match at a time.

The following identification numbers are REQUIRED for registration:

  • USMLE® ID for U.S. MD students/graduates;
  • ECFMG ID for international medical school students/graduates (IMGS); and
  • AOA ID and NBOME® ID for U.S. DO students/graduates.

USMLE ID is not required for IMGs, but it can be entered. It is the same as the ECFMG ID.

The Registration Process

Registration is a multi-step process. During registration applicants are asked to provide basic profile information, including name, date of birth, AAMC ID, as well as academic (exam scores, work, volunteer, and research experiences, etc) and demographic information. Registration information can be updated at any time during the Match process. Email addresses and phone numbers must remain current in the R3 system. Applicants are encouraged to consent to the use of their academic and demographic information for research purposes. The data will allow NRMP to continue publishing valuable reports such as Charting Outcomes in the Match that help inform future applicants and the graduate medical education community.

Registering for the Match Guide – Residency Applicants

Fees to Participate

Match fees provide access to the R3 system, the ability to participate in the Match as a couple, and access to Match-related reports.

Useful Tips for Getting Ready

  • Once you have your R3 system username and password, store in a secure place to prevent a security breach.
  • Use the same name when registering for an NRMP Match that you use with other GME organizations like the AAMC or the ECFMG so program directors can correctly identify you for their rank order lists.
  • Provide all necessary information to programs through the application and/or during interviews. Programs do not have access to information you provide during NRMP registration since that information is for NRMP use only.
  • Consider using a personal email address because your school email address may be disabled at graduation.