Individuals in these user roles should keep their R3 system username and password confidential. Use of another user’s login credentials to access the R3 system is a breach of Match policy.

Institutions, programs, and medical schools have unique roles and responsibilities in the NRMP Matching Program. Once added to the Match by the NRMP, individuals in these roles create an account in the Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) system and are assigned administrative rights to manage the functions relevant to their role.

Institutional Official (IO)
The NRMP institutional official is usually the ACGME Designated Institutional Official for the institution and is responsible for oversight of all Match-related activities for the institution’s programs. Upon Match opening, the IO must activate the institution and all programs participating in the Match or mark them as not participating. Programs must be activated before program directors and coordinators can manage their programs. Additionally, IOs must approve all program quota changes, additions, and withdrawals in the R3 system.

Institutional Administrator (IA)
The IA, assigned by the IO, is responsible for assisting with oversight and management of the institution’s programs in the Match. IAs can add, monitor, and modify program status and information for the institution.

Program Director (PD)
The program director is responsible for managing Match activities for designated programs including entering quota changes and rank order lists and certifying the program’s rank order list in the R3 system.

Program Coordinator (PC)
The program coordinator is responsible for assisting the PD in managing Match activities. Program coordinators can view, create, and edit rank order lists. However, program coordinators CANNOT certify rank order lists and are prohibited by the NRMP from assuming that responsibility.

School Official (SO)
The school official is responsible for overseeing the Match process and serving as the official spokesperson to the NRMP on all matters regarding applicants from the school. The SO verifies, through the R3 system, the eligibility of the school’s students to participate in the Main Residency Match by certifying the student will be able to enter graduate medical education on July 1 in the year of the Match.

School Administrator (SA)
The school administrator, assigned by the school official, is responsible for assisting with oversight and management of Match activities for the school. SAs can view the school’s registered applicants and verify eligibility to participate in the Match.