Change Approvals

Institutional officials are responsible for approving changes in the Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system for each of the institution’s Match-participating programs. Institutional officials are notified about pending change approvals by email and an alert triangle next to the program(s) requiring approvals in the R3 system. View Change Approvals Support Guide

Program Changes Requiring Approval

  • Changing the quota, or number of positions to be filled
  • Entering or changing reversions to donate unfilled positions to another program or program track
  • Withdrawing or reinstating a program
  • Selecting or changing the SOAP participation status of the program (Main Residency Match® only)


Deadlines for program changes requiring approval are listed below. Please reference the appropriate Match calendar for specific dates. It is important to note that program directors cannot certify a rank order list if the program has change approvals pending; accordingly, institutional officials are encouraged not to wait until the last minute to approve changes.

  • QUOTA CHANGE DEADLINE: quota changes, program withdrawal, SOAP participation

Exceptions for Quota Changes

The NRMP will change quotas after the Quota Change Deadline only in cases of extreme emergency such as loss of funding or loss of accreditation or if the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME®) approves an increase in resident/fellowship complement. Requests for those exceptions must be made in writing by the institutional official and sent to the attention of the NRMP President and CEO at

Dually-Accredited Programs in the Main Residency Match

Programs accredited by BOTH the American Osteopathic Association® (AOA®) and the ACGME and jointly enrolled in the AOA and Main Residency Match can request a quota increase after the Quota Change Deadline to place in the NRMP any positions that went unfilled in the AOA Match.  Requests must be email to no later than the deadline listed for such changes in the calendar. The NRMP will not reduce quotas for dually-accredited programs.