Can I participate in both the NRMP’s Main Residency Match® and CaRMS?

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Yes, NRMP has an agreement with CaRMS that permits applicants to participate in both the Canadian and U.S. Matches. Under this agreement, mutual applicants matched in whichever country runs its match first are removed from the other organization’s match.

In 2024, the NRMP and CaRMS schedules overlap, with the NRMP Match results released first. CaRMS will automatically withdraw any applicants who match through the NRMP prior to the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®).

CaRMS applicants who do NOT match through the NRMP Main Residency Match but have submitted a Rank Order List in the CaRMS R-1 match will be ineligible to participate in SOAP and will not have access to the List of Unfilled Positions either during or after SOAP concludes, regardless of whether they are matched in CaRMS.