I’m ready to create my rank order list. Should I include all programs where I interviewed even if I’m not sure I want to train there?

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The Match Participation Agreement you signed electronically when you registered for the Match states that a match between an applicant and a program creates a binding commitment to accept a position if a match results and to start training in good faith (i.e., with the intent to complete the program) on the date specified in the appointment contract. Accordingly, if you place a program on your rank order list (ROL), you must be prepared to enter training and fulfill the terms of the contract. Thus, you should list only programs where you would be willing and able to train. Review carefully all the materials and information you have on the programs where you interviewed, and leave yourself enough time to create, review, and finalize your list. The NRMP recommends applicants rank programs in order of true training preference and not based on the perceived likelihood of matching.