What happens between Rank Order List Deadline and Match Day?

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Between the Rank Order List Certification Deadline and Match Day, the NRMP conducts a rigorous review of Match data, including:

  • Assessing and confirming the integrity of the data
  • Conducting a final verification of applicants’ credentials
  • Withdrawing applicants who are ineligible for the Match
  • Transferring the data from the R3® system to the matching algorithm module, rechecking the data, processing the algorithm, and transferring data back into the R3 system
  • Verifying the results of a Match and transferring the data into the NRMP databases
  • Preparing 50,000 individual Match Week reports for Main Residency Match applicants, program directors, and medical schools

These steps, all completed in less than two weeks, ensure the accuracy of Match results.