What happens if my program requires applicants to respond to an interview offer within 24 hours, but they have up to 48 hours to schedule an interview?

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All applicants must be provided no less than 48 hours to accept or reject an interview invitation, see Section 6.2 of the Match Participation Agreement for Programs. Requiring applicants to respond within 24 hours violates Match policy and may result in a violations investigation.

The goal of the policy, which aligns with the policy of several specialty organizations, is to provide applicants with sufficient time to receive and respond to an offer for an interview. Giving sufficient time prevents applicants from missing clinical and academic activities or imposing on parents, friends, and others to monitor their email to ensure they are able to respond immediately to a program’s offer for fear of all interview spots being taken. Additionally, programs should be respectful of international medical graduates outside the U.S. and those who live in different time zones.