A Match encourages individuals and organizations to consider and express their true preferences for each other. After registering for a Match, participants create, in the iMatchSM system, a list of the individuals or positions in which they are interested and rank them in order from most to least preferred. This is called a Rank List.

The preferences of participants, as expressed on their rank lists, determine the outcomes of a Match.

The iMatch system provides Match participants with great flexibility when creating their rank lists. For example, Match participants can:

  • use a “search” feature to find the agency, bureau, organization, or applicant they wish to rank;
  • reorder entries on a rank list using “drag and drop” functionality;
  • cancel recent changes to a rank list;
  • delete entries on a rank list without jeopardizing the order of the remaining entries; and
  • delete all entries and begin the process again.

The iMatch system provides “real time” access to Match information for participants. 

Rank lists can be created up until the Rank List Deadline for a Match. Once a participant certifies a rank list it is stored in the iMatch system. Certifying the rank list ensures that the preferences of the participant are considered when the matching algorithm is processed.