Match Day for Fellowship Programs

LSU Health Shreveport Sleep Medicine Fellowship Program; 2016 Sleep Medicine Fellowship Match

Prior to Match Day

Programs should review and update program contact information in the R3 system to ensure unmatched applicants can contact the program in the event there are unfilled positions after the matching algorithm is processed.

Match Day

At 12:00 p.m. ET on Match Day, programs can log in to the R3 system to learn if all positions were filled and to access the program’s Confidential Roster of Matched Applicants and other Match reports. Programs can join the Match Day celebration on Tagboard by sharing photos and messages on social media using #FellowMatch. View Access Results Reports support guide

Unfilled Programs

Programs with unfilled positions can view the List of Unmatched Applicants and begin contacting them about a position. As positions are filled or if the program chooses not to fill them, please update the “Current Unfilled” positions for the program so applicants can see how many positions are available in the program. Updating Unfilled Positions support guide

Print and Archive Reports

The NRMP recommends programs print and archive reports on Match Day so they can be used for state and federal reports, institutional and program accreditation, and other purposes. The NRMP charges a fee for each report for Matches closed in the R3 system, and only Match Results by Ranked Applicants and Characteristics of Matched Applicants reports will be available.