About Supplemental Rank Order Lists

Applicants participating in the Main Residency Match can submit a primary rank order list (ROL) with a combination of categorical, preliminary, and advanced programs. Those who rank advanced (PGY-2 level) programs on their primary ROLs also can submit supplemental ROLs of preliminary programs that are linked to one or more advanced programs on the primary ROL, offering applicants the ability to obtain a “full course of training” by simultaneously securing PGY-1 and PGY-2 positions.

Applicants can create different supplemental ROLs, and each supplemental ROL can be attached to any number of advanced PGY-2 programs on the primary ROL. Supplemental ROLs often are based on geographic location.

Creating Supplemental Rank Order Lists

Creating a Supplemental Rank Order List support guide

Important Considerations

  • The matching algorithm will attempt to place an applicant in a preliminary position on a supplemental ROL only if the applicant first matches to the linked advanced program on the primary ROL.
  • It is possible for an applicant in the Main Residency Match to match to an advanced program on the primary ROL but not to a preliminary program on the linked supplemental ROL. In that case, the applicant still is committed to the advanced position and must seek a qualifying first-year position during the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) or after SOAP concludes. If a preliminary position is not obtained prior to July 1 in the year of the Match, the applicant is responsible for submitting to NRMP a request for a waiver of the match commitment to the advanced program.

Joint Advanced/Preliminary Program Arrangements

Some advanced programs will enter into a Joint Advanced/Preliminary (A/P) program arrangement. Program directors will inform applicants during the interview process if a program has a Joint A/P arrangement. In a Joint A/P, a preliminary program is “restricted” because it is linked to a specific advanced program. Only applicants who rank the advanced program can rank the joined preliminary program, and only applicants who match to the advanced program can match to the preliminary program.

If you choose to rank the preliminary program linked in a joint arrangement, the associated advanced program must have a unique supplemental rank order list of preliminary programs assigned and joint preliminary program must be added to a newly created supplemental ROL in the R3 system. Other preliminary programs can be added to the supplemental list; however, that list can only be linked to the associated advanced program.