Match Fees

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Participation in an NRMP® Match requires payment of a nominal fee at the time of registration. Applicants who complete their registration after the Standard Registration Deadline of November 30 for the Main Residency Match® also must pay an additional $50 late registration fee.

The applicant registration process requires that all fees be paid in U.S. dollars by credit card through the Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system. Applicants are allowed to participate in a Match only after credit card information has been entered through the R3 system and processed successfully.

Registration entitles the applicant to the following NRMP® services:

  • Access to the NRMP R3 system
  • In the Main Residency Match, processing of up to 20 unique program ranks on the primary rank order list and up to 20 programs on all supplemental lists combined. A fee is incurred for each additional program ranked on the primary ROL and for each additional program on all supplemental ROLs combined.
  • In the Specialties Matching Service®(SMS), processing of an unlimited number of programs.

ALL Match fees are non-refundable, so applicants should register early and carefully consider a decision to participate in a Match as a couple or to include extra ranks on a rank order list.

Current Fees

For Matches opening after June 30, 2016 and before July 1, 2017

  • Standard Registration Fee (Main Residency Match and SMS): $75
  • Late Registration Fee (Main Residency Match only): $50 additional after November 30
  • Couples (Main Residency Match and SMS): $15 additional per partner
  • Additional programs ranked (Main Residency Match only): $30 additional per program

Delinquent Fees

  • Applicants with outstanding fees will not be able to enter rank order lists or be ranked by programs until all fees have been paid in full.
  • Applicants who authorize a credit card chargeback of NRMP fees without NRMP consent may be barred permanently from participation in future Matches.
  • Applicants who are withdrawn from the Main Residency Match or the SMS due to unpaid fees (including credit card chargebacks) will not be allowed access to the List of Unfilled Programs and will not be eligible to participate in the Match Week Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® (SOAP®).


Program and institutional fees will be invoiced at the conclusion of each Match to the NRMP institutional official and billing contact, if one has been designated. Institutional officials are responsible for approving invoices and ensuring all billing contact information is accurate in the Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system.

It is recommended that institutional officials review and update billing contact information before Match Day for each Match to ensure receipt of the invoice. The billing contact is under the “Billing” tab in the “My Institution” section of the R3 system. In addition, institutional officials should ensure the institution accounting department has NRMP’s current mailing address and the IT department has included to the safe senders list.

Current Fees

For Matches opening before July 1, 2017

  • Institution Registration Fee: $230 per Match
  • Program Registration Fee: $50 per program track
  • Per Applicant Matched to Program: $50

Payment Methods

NRMP accepts payment via check, money order, wire, ACH, Visa, and MasterCard for institution and program fees.

  • Wire Details: Bank of America, Routing Number 0260-0959-3, Account Number 226005778784 (checking) Swift Code BOFAUS3N. (Please include Invoice number)
  • ACH Details: Bank of America, Routing Number 054001204, Account Number 226005778784 (checking) Swift Code BOFAUS3N. (Please include Invoice number)

Delinquent Fees

A 10 percent late fee will be levied against all institutions if NRMP has not received payment in full by 60 days from the date of the Match invoice. If an institution owes fees for any previous Match beyond 90 days, the institution and ALL of its programs will be barred from ALL NRMP Matches until payment for the Match and all late fees are received by the NRMP. No exceptions will be made, regardless of the type of institution.