NRMP maintains a wealth of data that it uses to generate annual and biennial reports. It also makes some of its data available to the community. Read below for instructions on requesting Match data.

Unpublished Data

Requests for unpublished data or research files must be submitted using the data release application form. After completing the form, save a PDF copy and email it as an attachment to Requests are reviewed internally and by the NRMP Data Release and Research Committee as needed. The process can take four to six weeks.

When a request for unpublished data is approved, the NRMP prepares a Data Licensing Agreement that must be executed by all parties. A fee of $200 for processing and $150 per hour for staff time will be charged. Questions can be directed to the NRMP Senior Director of Research at

Published Data

Data and survey reports released by the NRMP for the current Match season can be found under links specific to the Match. Reports from prior Match years can be found in archives.

Main Residency Match Reports
Fellowship Match Reports

While a Match is “open” in the NRMP’s Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system, participants registered for that Match can view and download reports including

  • Match Results by Ranked Applicants and Characteristics of Matched Applicants for program staff and designated institutional officials
  • Match Results for Seniors and Characteristics of Matched Seniors for medical school officials
  • Rank order lists for applicants

The NRMP recommends reports be downloaded and/or printed on Match Day or soon thereafter because requests for Match reports submitted after a Match closes in the R3 system will incur a $200 fee per report. Requests for reports should be submitted to and will be processed after payment has been received.

Print Copies of Results and Data Reports

Print copies of current year Results and Data: Main Residency Match and Results and Data: Specialties Matching Service are available for $50 each plus shipping. To order, please send an email to

Use of Copyrighted Materials

The information contained in published reports is copyrighted by the National Resident Matching Program. In order to use or quote any material included in the reports, you must first obtain permission from the NRMP. Reproduction of NRMP reports and report materials is expressly prohibited without the approval of the NRMP.