Can I certify a blank rank order list?

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If your program has been activated in error and you did not intend to participate, the program should be withdrawn from the Match.

If you did not have any suitable applicants to rank in the Match and would like to be listed on the List of Unfilled Programs, then your program does not need to enter a list and will remain in Active status in the Match.

In the Main Residency Match, if you want to participate in SOAP, you must also select “Yes” for your SOAP participation status. When the results are released your program will show on the List of Unfilled Programs and you will be able to participate in SOAP, if selected.

For the fellowship Matches, since there is not a SOAP process, Active programs will will show on the List of Unfilled Programs and also have access to the Unmatched Applicants list to assist you in filling your position(s).