Can I use or cite NRMP data in research or educational products like articles to be submitted to journals, conference presentations, book chapters, or technical reports?

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The use of NRMP data involves two requirements: 

  1. The data, and the NRMP, must be cited properly (most NRMP reports include a suggested citation on the inside cover of the report); and
  2. The product must be sent to the NRMP for review before it is submitted for publication or presentation to make sure the data are correctly depicted.

At no time will ideas or content be shared outside the NRMP.  However, a copy of the final version of the article, presentation, chapter, etc., must be sent to the NRMP (to for inclusion in the NRMP’s internal reference management system to help inform future NRMP research and enable the tracking of use of NRMP data.