Registration, Ranking, and Results (R3) System

The Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system is the web-based software application through which all NRMP® Matches are managed.

The R3 system can be accessed directly at or by clicking the yellow “Log In/Register” button that is on every page of

The R3 system maintains the highest level of security and confidentiality and can be used with any computer with access to the Internet. ALL information contained in the R3 system is proprietary to the NRMP and cannot be shared or reproduced without express written permission from the NRMP.

R3 Features

The R3 system provides “real-time” information that allows Match participants to:

  • Register for a Match and update personal information;
  • Modify existing program information, including the number of positions, or quota, to be offered in a Match;
  • Search for applicants or programs they wish to rank;
  • Find out whether applicants or programs have participated in previous NRMP Matches and/or been involved in NRMP waiver reviews or violation investigations;
  • Import program rank order lists from ERAS® or other software applications;
  • Revert (donate) unfilled positions to another residency program at the same or a different institution;
  • Link a preliminary program to an advanced program so that applicants in the Main Residency Match® can match simultaneously to both;
  • Access outcome reports at the conclusion of a Match
  • Review step-by-step instructions for participating in the matching process.

Reports and Match History

The R3 system provides access to customized reports for Match participants.  Reports of interest to applicants, program directors, and institutional officials include:

  • Applicant Match History:  provides program directors and institutional officials with information about an applicant’s current PGY-1 and/or PGY-2 match status and whether the applicant is eligible for appointment or has a binding match commitment to another program.  It also provides a record of applicants’ prior matches and any waiver and violation activity.  This link is accessible throughout the year and can be used for single or bulk applicant searches.
  • Institution and Program Violations:  provides information to applicants and medical school officials about confirmed violations by institutions or programs.
  • Regional Match Statistics by Specialty: displays Main Residency Match information organized by region and specialty, including the numbers of positions offered and unfilled.
  • Did My Program(s) Fill?: displays a list of the institution’s programs that participated in the Match, whether each program filled its positions, the quota, the number of applicants who matched, and the number of unfilled positions
  • Confidential Roster of Program’s Matched Applicants: displays a list of the applicants matched to each program, as well as the number of positions offered, the number of applicants who were matched to the program, and the number of unfilled positions remaining after the matching algorithm has been processed.
  • Match Results by Ranked Applicant: displays all applicants ranked by a program, along with the location of the applicants’ matches.  This report is available the Friday of Match Week.

Navigating the R3 System Guides