Match Day for Fellowship Applicants

Drs. Alexandra Diamond and That Nam Tran Sony Ton; former residents at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles; 2016 Pediatric Specialties Fall Fellowship Match

At 12:00 p.m ET on Match Day for each Fellowship Match, applicants can log in to the R3 system to learn where they matched. Applicants are encouraged to join the celebration by sharing on social media a photo or video using #FellowMatch. Access Results Reports for Fellowship Applicants support guide | View the #FellowMatch Tagboard

Unmatched applicants will be able to view the List of Unfilled Programs. Applicants should contact programs directly about applying for open positions. A List of Unmatched Applicants also is available for programs that do not fill all positions. Remember that NRMP policy prohibits the sharing of proprietary Match data and information with individuals not authorized to receive it or from posting Match data and information to any website or non-NRMP-related matching service.