What conditions qualify for an exception to the All In Policy?

  • Military appointees to civilian programs: Positions are reserved for applicants with a military obligation based on pre-existing arrangements between civilian programs and military branch GME offices.

Main Residency Match® only:

  • Rural Scholars Programs: Students graduate medical school in three years and commit during medical school to a primary care program at that school.
  • Family Medicine Accelerated Programs: Students make an early commitment to Family Medicine and are channeled in to that track.
  • Post-SOAP® positions: Positions can be created by programs at the conclusion of the Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program® for partially matched applicants who need either a PGY-1 or PGY-2 position to achieve a full course of training.
  • Off-cycle appointments: Positions becoming available after the Match opens in September. Positions can be placed in the Match or filled outside the Match if training will begin prior to February 1 in the year of the Match. If training will begin after February 1, the position must be filled through the Match.

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