Institution and Program FAQs
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  • I received an email about the R3® system. How do I use the token number I was assigned?
    • First-time users of the R3 system receive via email a one-time-use token number that must be changed to a username and password of the user’s own choosing.  To access the R3 system:

      • Use the link embedded in the token assignment email or select Login from the top navigatio1n bar and select the desired Match.
      • Under Option 3 on the login page – Token Redemption – enter your assigned token number and email address.
      • Follow the on-screen instructions to create a unique username and password of your choice.
      • Re-login to the R3 system to complete the registration process!
  • As the institutional official, how do I register my institution and activate my programs in the R3® system?
    • Once you have logged in to the R3® system, select your desired Match.  Next, click “Activate” to activate your Institution to participate in that Match.  You also may select “My Programs” to view all the programs in the R3 system that are active from your institution.  Yellow triangles denote programs needing your attention, such as activation for a Match or a quota change approval.  You must activate both your institution and programs for each NRMP Match.  If your institution and its programs will not be participating in the Match, select “Not Participating.”

  • What information should I make available to applicants during the interview process?
    • Section 4.4 of the Match Participation Agreement for Applicants and Programs requires each program to act in good faith to provide complete, timely, and accurate information to interviewees, including

      • a copy of the contract the applicant will be expected to sign if matched to the program and
      • the institution’s policies on visa status and eligibility for appointment.

      The information MUST be communicated to interviewees prior to the Rank Order List Certification Deadline.

      The NRMP recommends programs obtain signed acknowledgment from each interviewee that confirms institutional policies regarding eligibility for appointment have been shared. If institutional policies regarding applicant eligibility are available online, interviewees should be informed where the information may be found, and the acknowledgment should indicate that the interviewee was notified of the location of policies on the institution’s website.

      The NRMP also recommends that programs remind applicants that the application process is separate from the NRMP matching process. Remind applicants they must register with the NRMP so they can be ranked in the Match. Provide interviewees with your program ID so they can easily add your program to their ROL.

  • Can I ask applicants where else they are applying and how they plan to rank programs?
    • No. The Match Participation Agreement states that applicants are free at all times to keep confidential the names or identities of programs to which they have or may apply. A program director may not request the names, specialties, geographic location, or other identifying information about programs to which an applicant has or may apply. Programs that ask that information of applicants may be subject to a violation investigation.


  • What is the All In Policy?
    • The All In Policy applies to the Main Residency Match® and the programs participating in the Fellowship Matches listed here. The All In Policy requires any program in these participating Matches to register and attempt to fill all of its positions through the Match or another national matching plan. A “program” is defined by its ACGME® number.  The Policy does not require programs to include all positions for which they are accredited, just those they wish to fill for a given training year. Learn more about the All In Policy

  • My program is dually-accredited. Under the All In Policy, do I have to place all my positions in the Main Residency Match®?
    • Programs accredited by both the ACGME® and the AOA® will register some positions in the AOA Match and some in the Main Residency Match.  Those programs do not have to place unfilled AOA positions in the Main Residency Match; however, if the program reverts to the Main Residency Match any positions not filled in the AOA Match, the program will be subject to the Match Week requirements.

  • I want to consider my program’s applicant pool before deciding whether to participate in the Main Residency Match®. What is the latest I can register and activate my program?
    • Program directors can register for the Main Residency Match® until the Rank Order List Deadline, but the program must be activated for Match participation no later than the Quota Change Deadline.  Under the All In Policy, programs planning to participate in the Main Residency Match cannot offer positions outside the Main Residency Match prior to program director registration and program activation.  Once a position has been offered outside the Main Residency Match, the program no longer is eligible to enroll in The Match unless the position offered is one that qualifies for an exception under the All In Policy.

  • Can a program coordinator have an account in the R3 system to assist in the match process?
    • Yes, program directors have the ability to add a program coordinator in the R3 system to assist with the matching process. A program coordinator can view, create, and edit rank order lists; use the Applicant Match History to determine an applicant’s eligibility for interview and appointment; maintain public contact information; and view current Match applicants.

      Program coordinators will NOT be able to certify rank order lists and are prohibited by the NRMP from assuming that responsibility.

      To add a program coordinator in the R3 system:

      1. Open a web browser and log in to the R3 system.
      2. On the Program Director tab, click “Set Program Coordinator”.
      3. Enter the program coordinator’s name, date of birth, and email address.

      The program coordinator will receive, via the email address entered, a token code (one-time use only) that must be changed to a username and password of the user’s choice to log in to the R3 system.

  • Can a program coordinator enter and certify the rank order list for a program?
    • A program coordinator can view, create, and edit rank order lists. Program coordinators will NOT be able to certify rank order lists and are prohibited by the NRMP from assuming that responsibility.

  • Why does NRMP want my email address? What if I have not received any email from the NRMP?
    • Email is the primary mode of communication used by NRMP, so you need to keep email current in the Registration, Ranking, and Results® (R3®) system.  Some email providers use filters to ensure that users do not receive spam (junk e-mail).  In some cases, those filters can prevent NRMP emails from getting through.  Our email address, should be added to your personal contact, address book, “Safe,” or “People I Know” list.

      If you are not receiving email from NRMP and your provider does not offer such options, we recommend that you either contact your provider to determine the best way to access such messages or consider using an additional or replacement provider during your matching process for your primary email address.

  • How does the NRMP use Facebook and Twitter? Do I need to have accounts?
    • The NRMP posts and tweets the latest news, policy information, and deadline reminders about the Main Residency Match®.  We do not inundate followers with posts and tweets.  The NRMP is on Facebook at and its Twitter account is!/TheNRMP. We encourage users to post their questions and comments to our social media sites, but we expect users to use good judgment when posting.  The NRMP reserves the right to remove any post at any time from our social media sites.

      The NRMP will continue to send email announcements and reminders to all users, so you are not obligated to register with Facebook or Twitter to stay current on Match developments.  The NRMP also posts the latest information to