Press Release: Thousands of Resident Physician Applicants Celebrate NRMP Match Results

2018 Main Residency Match is largest on record with almost 44,000 registered applicants and more than 33,000 positions offered. Washington, D.C., March 16, 2018 – Today the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) celebrates Match Day with the thousands of applicants and programs participating in the 2018 Main Residency Match®. On Match Day, medical school students […]

Press Release: NRMP Match Week will Reveal Future for Thousands of Resident Physician Applicants

NRMP Main Residency Match continues to grow, with 2018 Match expected to be largest in history. Washington, D.C., March 6, 2018 – March 12-16, 2018 is Match Week for the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) 2018 Main Residency Match®. During Match Week, thousands of medical school students and graduates from the United States and around […]

March Illuminator: Match Week Resources and 2017 Annual Report

March 5, 2018 This issue features Match Week and SOAP resources for the Main Residency Match and release of NRMP’s 2017 Annual Report. Also highlighted is publication of Results and Data Specialties Matching Services, 2018 Appointment Year. The Illuminator is a resource for program, institution, and school Match participants. Read the March 2018 Illuminator

Year in Review: NRMP 2017 Annual Report

March 1, 2018 2017 was a banner year for the National Resident Matching Program with record-high participation in the Main Residency Match and the Specialties Matching Service. NRMP also convened its second national stakeholder conference, transitioned its websites to mobile responsive platforms, collaborated with an instructional design expert to create new online support guides and […]

Press Release: NRMP Report Shows 2018 Appointment Year Fellowship Matches at Record High

More than 8,700 fellowship positions were filled through the NRMP Specialties Matching Service. Washington, D.C., February 8, 2018 – The National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP®) is pleased to announce the release of “Results and Data Specialties Matching Service, 2018 Appointment Year”, an annual report of physician Fellowship Matches conducted by the NRMP Specialties Matching Service® […]

Read NRMP Article in JAMA

December 14, 2017 The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) has published an NRMP article on applicant noncompliance with the Match Participation Agreement and strategies NRMP employs to maintain the integrity of the matching process. Read Ensuring the Integrity of the National Resident Matching Program in JAMA

NRMP Presentation from 2017 AAMC Meeting

November 7, 2017 Now available online is NRMP President and CEO Mona M. Signer’s presentation from the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) 2017 Annual Meeting in Boston. Download the presentation to view Main Residency Match trend data and to learn about new policies, instructional resources for medical schools and Match applicants, and NRMP research […]

Ranking Tips for Fellowship Match Participants

September 14, 2017 Applicants The matching algorithm attempts to place you in the most preferred program possible, so be sure to rank programs in order of YOUR TRUE PREFERENCE and not where you think you will match. Go for your “reach” program. Rank only those programs where you are able and would be happy to […]

Timely Residency Applicant Resources

August 17, 2017 Charting Outcomes in the Match and Results of the NRMP Program Director Survey, available on the Residency Data page, are great resources for applicants in the 2018 Main Residency Match considering where to apply. Also, the NRMP’s Match Process video provides a useful overview of the Matching Program and should be viewed […]

Download Match Reports Before It’s Too Late!

June 22, 2017 Match reports are not available in the R3 system forever, so download program reports on Match Day or soon thereafter for archival purposes. Reports are accessible in “Reports” under “Options”. Main Residency Match Reminder: Reports for the 2017 Match will not be accessible in the R3 system after June 30!