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The Match provides unparalleled medical matching services in the United States. It’s 100% objective, 100% accurate, and 100% committed to a fair and transparent process. With its internationally recognized algorithm, comprehensive data reports, and advanced technology, The Match is helping applicants achieve their dreams.

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NEW! CHARTING OUTCOMES IN THE MATCH AND PROGRAM DIRECTOR SURVEY REPORTS NOW AVAILABLE! The NRMP has released three versions of Charting Outcomes in the Match for the 2016 Main Residency Match. Individual reports have been created for U.S. allopathic medical school students, U.S. osteopathic medical school students/graduates, and U.S. and non-U.S. citizen international medical students/graduates. The NRMP also has released the Report of the 2016 Program Director Survey, which examined the factors used by program directors to select applicants to interview and rank.

NEW! POLICY CHANGES IMPLEMENTED BY NRMP BOARD OF DIRECTORS The NRMP Board of Directors has implemented changes to NRMP policy for all Matches opening after June 30, 2016. LEARN WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW about applicant-program communication, length of couples’ rank order lists, the SOAP schedule, and Match fees.