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How is the NRMP program code determined?

Every program participating in an NRMP Match has a unique 9-11 character code constructed in the following manner: Characters 1-4: the institution code Characters 5-7: the ACGME specialty code Character 8: program type letter Characters 9-11: track number (track number will be “0” unless an institution has more than one program in a specialty of…

Are programs required to obtain a signed (electronic or written) acknowledgement of institution and program policies and eligibility requirements from all applicants or only those who interview with the program?

Programs shall obtain signed (electronic or written) acknowledgement of receipt from all applicants they interview. Programs are not required to obtain the signature of applicants they did not interview; however, programs should ensure the information is made available via electronic (website) or written means. 

When should programs provide institutional policies, program policies, and eligibility requirements to applicants?

Information pertaining to institutional policies, program policies, and eligibility requirements should be made available to all applicants when the Match and AAMC ERAS (or other) application service opens. This can be easily accomplished by posting the information to the program’s website. Policy information and eligibility requirements must be provided to all applicants who interview with a program prior to the Rank Order List Certification Deadline or offer made during SOAP.

My institution requires all employees be vaccinated for COVID-19. Can we directly ask an applicant their vaccination status?

Programs are advised to direct this question to their institution’s GME office or human resources department. If pre-employment criteria requires that all employees be vaccinated for COVID-19, the program must provide that specific eligibility requirement along with all other eligibility requirements to the applicants who interview with the program prior to the Rank Order List Certification Deadline or offer made during SOAP. 

Do I need to verify my students and graduates for participation in the Main Residency Match?

Medical school officials/administrators (SO/SA) are required to verify the graduation credentials of their students and prior-year gradautes to participate in the Main Residency Match and Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP). Credentials vertification is an important task: only students and graduates who are verified as eligible to enter graduate medical education (GME) on July 1…

How do I set my SOAP participation status?

In order to participate in SOAP, program directors must set their SOAP participation status to “YES” on the SOAP Participation tab accessible through their Program Details page in the R3 system. Program directors can begin setting their SOAP participation indicator when the Main Residency Match opens for registration on September 15th. The SOAP participation indicator…

Why would a program want to have a reversion?

The R3 system offers institutions the option to revert, or donate, unfilled positions in one program to another during the matching process. If a donor program does not fill its quota, a designated number (equal to, or less than, the quota) of its unfilled positions can be added automatically to the quota of a receiver…